LCP Application #2

Weed n Feed Time

With the warmer soil temperatures, it is now time to attack the broadleaf weeds in your lawn. Weedkillers applied now have a better chance for longer term control. Remember that the materials need time to be taken in to the weed plant so there are some general guidelines. You would like not to see rain when you apply and for the next full day at least. Avoid mowing the day before through the day after. Keep pets out of the area until things dry if you use a liquid material and try to keep them out for a day or 2. Read the label for more information. Granular products are best applied when the foliage is damp so that it sticks to the weeds. The morning dew is probably sufficient to allow the granules to begin working.

As always, follow the label rates. More material does not make it more effective and if you use too much, can actually cause problems. This is especially important with the combination granular materials. If you go over the label rate, you might apply too much fertilzer which is not only wasteful, but can overfeed the good turf.

Also, the other things you can do to improve weed control are pretty easy. Raise the mowing height. Keep your blades sharp. Mow in different directions each time you mow. Mow as often as you can, as you would like to cut off only 1/4 of the total leaf blade at any 1 mowing.

Posted by Phil Gooding

Phil is the voice you hear on the radio with our popular Landscape Planner series. He has been involved with the business his entire life. He graduated from Conotton Valley High School and continued his education at The Ohio State University. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in ornamental horticulture, he joined the firm full-time in 1983.
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