Bark Mulches

We offer 4 types of bulk bark mulches including the "Best Bark in the Valley!" Plus we stock several gravel mulches for a permanent solution! Prices noted are as of May 1st 2013.

Our Best Bark Hardwood Mulch is uniformly shredded bark from 1 source. We age it ourselves to avoid any anerobic decomposition. At $27.95 for our large loader scoop, it is the best value.

Our Mocha mulch is a chocolate brown color hardwood bark that is a little finer in texture. Mocha is $29.25 for the large scoop

Our red and black dyed mulches are a high quality, uniformly ground mulch that gives you high contrast color options at $36.50 per scoop.

Our large loader scoop measured at a cubic yard is more normally 1.1 cubic yards. 2 scoops is a good load for a full sized pickup. Smaller trucks like a Ford Ranger usually only holds 1 scoop. 1 scoop is as much as 11 of the larger 3 cu ft bags.

We offer a delivery service on all of our products. Our delivery fee is based on your location for 1 stop with our delivery truck. We can deliver from 1 to 7 scoops of mulch or up to 4 scoops of topsoil on 1 trip.

The Best Bark in the Valley


$27.95 per large loader scoop


$29.25 per large loader scoop

Red Dyed Mulch

$36.50 per large loader scoop

Black Dyed Mulch

$36.50 per large loader scoop

#2 Washed Gravel

Use for a different texture

#57 washed gravel

A light alternative

Red Lava Rock

Deep Maroon in color

Brick Chips

Make a great permanent mulch

Sarah is ready to load your Mocha

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