Professional Gardening Tools

Fort, TUFF-X Poly wheelbarrow

The PE-100 contractor quality heavy duty wheelbarrow is a great light weight wheelbarrow that is easy to handle, is well balanced, and yet holds 6 cu ft of material. List price is $120.00, but we have this unit on sale right now at $95.00

Heavy Duty Spading Shovel

This aint your Momma's spade. This all steel spade shovel is HEAVY DUTY. It is great for digging out plants or for cutting a bed edge. The 12" flat point spade is made of hardened steel for years of use. our price is $104.50 and its worth it!

All steel Rake

All Steel long handled garden rake with 18" wide head. This is a great rake because it is very strong and yet is lightweight. Our crews prefer this over any of the other rakes available. The pin style teeth allow you to control what you rake up. It is great for loosening the soil to prepare for seeding. Our price is $56.45

Garden Tools

All steel garden rake

Our crews love these for preparing small spots to seed

Heavy duty digging Spade!

This is Not your Momma's Shovel
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