We have containers for a variety of uses including small trays, to window boxes, to large pots.

The PSW collection is the green alternative to ceramic, foam, resin, or fiberglass pots. Combining polymer, stone powder, and wood dust, they are both decorative and durable. Eco-friendly; lightweight, solid color throughout, value priced, weather resistant, and they are made from recycled materials.

Terra Cotta pots bring the advantages of clay, providing a container that more naturally breathes.


PSW Roman Bell Pot $68.99

22" wide x 18" deep

PSW Dragon Fly Pot $16.99

13" wide x 11" deep

PSW Olive Pot $17.99

15" wide x 12" deep

PSW Window Box $6.49

13" x 9" x 5-1/2"

PSW Floral Pan $5.39 color not in stock

10" wide x 3.5" deep

PSW Floral Pan Dish $5.39

10" wide x 3.5" deep

PSW Goblet Urn $24.99 stocked in beige not shown

12" wide x 17" deep
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