What's Growing On

What's Growing On was developed to keep you up-to-date with news and happenings in the plant and landscaping field.

This sections contains everything from upcoming sales to time-sensitive advice to keep ahead of your landscape.

Current selections are shown at the right and on additional pages viewed by using the next link. Or, use the search box below to see if we have the information available that you desire.

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LCP Application #2 time is now
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Grub Control Time
Kent, & the rest of our lawn care crew are ready!
Crabgrass control time
Retaining walls and Steps
Hosta is a great perennial
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Dormant Pruning Time is Ending soon!
Memorial Day Hours
Slider Image Gallery
Masonry Gallery Test
LCP Application #2
No Image Available
April Mulch Sale
Season long systemic insect control
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