Landscape Design

Our design services range from simple retail sketches to Foundation plans, to complete landscape master plan development.


The simple sketch is a scaled drawing for a single area or focus in the landscape. We work to produce a plan that meets your needs and that incorporates plant material suitable for your site.

A sketch is a scaled drawing of one limited specific area such as up near the foundation or base of the residence or building. It could be around an existing patio or deck. Or could be an area out in the yard such as a property border or screen planting or multiple tree plantings. A sketch is usually put onto 8.5” x 11” sketch sheets or notebook paper vs. being computer drafted (CAD).

After you contact us we will call and set an appointment to meet with you at your site. We will walk the site and discuss options with you and then proceed to take site measurements, our own pictures, and will work up the sketch often right on site. If simple, we may even be able to complete an estimate for you. However usually we will bring back the ideas and finalize things at our office and put together the estimate and then send to you in the mail. We follow up by phone to discuss any questions you may have concerning either the design or the estimate prepared.

If you do not wish to run into any design charges and if your project is indeed smaller in scale, you may elect to even take your own photos and site measurements and bring to the Nursery. Whomever you leave the info with, be sure to give them as much information of your needs/wants etc, so our designers will be able to use that to produce the plan right here in our office. All consultation/designing which does not involve our traveling to the site, is free of charge.

$50-75.00 is the average charge for sketch preparations when we visit on the site. As noted above, sketches completed here at the nursery with your own photos and measurements are free of charge.

In Season (March-November): 2-3 week process from initial appointment to finished sketch/estimate.
Out Of Season (December, January, February): 1-2 week process usually.


A Mini-Master Plan is scaled plan dealing with more extensive planting areas than normally completed by a simple sketch. Examples could be a total foundation planting (all the way around the house), a major pool planting or water garden or areas where construction elements need designed into the plan such as retaining wall work (timbers/RR tie/stone work/overhead structures), walkways or patios etc. It is usually submitted as an 18” x 24” blueprint or 11”x17” CAD drawing.

A Mini-Master Plan will include an “on-site” appointment with the client involving discussion etc, just as the sketch procedure. At that initial appointment if time, we will try to do the necessary site measurements and pictures. However typically there is not enough time during the initial appointment to complete the actual design. Also if the design includes possible construction work such as walls, paver walkways, patios, etc, then we often need to return to the site to take necessary elevations with our laser site level. Thus with a mini-master plan, there is more time involvement required but is warranted due to the complexity of design solution. The final plan and estimates are either sent out with follow up or often times, we prefer to present these either back on site or at our Nursery to be able to show plant options.

In Season: 6-10 weeks from initial appointment to finalized design and estimates.
Out Of Season: 3-6 weeks is usual.

Range depending on projected drawing time.


A Master Plan is the landscape development of a client’s entire property. The final product is produced as blueprints if hand drafted, or 11” x 17” or 22” x 34” if computer drafted (CAD). Sometimes elevation or section drawings are included. Obviously with a master plan, its implementation represents a sizeable investment being made into your property development. Therefore we are committed to use our best design skills and horticultural knowledge to create a finished product which you will enjoy for your lifetime. Master Plans work well to be implemented in phases.

A Master Plan will include an initial site appointment with the client just for walking the site, discussing options, and determining total scope of project. Usually after that we will send out and request completion of a questionnaire by you helping clarify all your wants, needs, and desires. As part of the process, we will supply picture booklets for both trees and shrubs, and perennials that are often used in Ohio. This will you the client to identify possible plants you may like or wish us to consider using in the plan. It’s our desire to draw a plan that is uniquely ‘you’ and not necessarily what someone else has done.

Return site visits are required in order to take all necessary site measurements. The first design product will then include producing a total site plan. This is a to-scale drawing of everything that is currently existing in your landscape. Then based on the info gathered during our initial appointment and follow up questionnaire, preliminary plans are prepared. If options are determined to be needed during our initial appointment, separate options for those area will be developed. Once a final preliminary plan is approved, budgeting can begin or the final Master Plan print can be completed and then all estimates requested completed.

In Season: 3-12 months from initial appointment to final blueprint and all estimates.
Out Of Season: 1-3 months typically.

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