Hows that for a neat bloom

Japanese Andromeda

Scientific Name: Pieris japonica
Known as Pieris or Japanese Andromeda, this broadleaf evergreen is uniquely ornamental. Its Lily of the Valley like white bloom hang gracefully on the plant in early spring. The foliage is striking with its shiny green older leaves set off be the multi color new growth. Many cultivars such as Red Mill have a bright shiny red new growth that is almost flourescent.

Plant Specifics

Cultural Needs: - Pieris are a little tender for our winters, so it is important to choose the right location for success. Choose a partly shady area that has protection from the winter wind. Definitely avoid wet swampy or poorly drained areas. Be sure to mix organic matter with a good soil and mulch the planting bed with a good hardwood bark mulch.
Plant Type: Broadleaf Evergreen
Bloom Time: April
Fall Color: Orange
Water Needs: Well Drained Soil
Light Needs: Partial Shade
Color: White, Pink
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