Winterking Hawthorn

Hawthorn, Winterking

Scientific Name: Crataegus viridis 'WinterKing'
A four season ornamental tree. Spring blooms, great summer foliage and peeling bark, Nice yellow fall color and then small red fruit that persist through the winter giving the tree its name. Beautiful in every season of the year. The upright vase shaped tree is small in stature growing 15-25' tall. The White bloom in spring is after the Dogwoods and Crabapples have finished extending the spring bloom season. As the tree ages, the trunk and main branches develop a platey, peeling bark showing mottled colors of light gray, dark gray, light green, and some tan splotches that are quite appealing. The main calling card is the small bright red fruit that develop in the fall.

Its a great choice for the corner of the house to tie the building into the surrounding landscape, or use it as a yard tree where you need a nice small tree. Able to tolerate wetter soils, it is a great substitute for Dogwoods where they struggle due poor drainage.

Plant Specifics

Plant Type: Ornamental Tree
Bloom Time: May
Fall Color: Yellow
Water Needs: Adaptable
Light Needs: Part shade to Sun
Color: White
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