The fluffy cloud of the White Friingetree

White Fringetree

Scientific Name: Chionanthus virginicus
A neat shrub/small tree. Works wonderfully in a border planting as it will POP out when it is in bloom in mid-spring. The white flowers blanket the tree to create a show from a distance, especially with a green shrub background. Up close you realize how the tree was named as the narrow, strap like petals look like fringe! When in bloom, they have been described as looking like fluffy clouds.

Growing a little wider than high, this variable plant can be expected to be in the 10' to 20' tall range with a slightly wider spread. Slow growing, it is easy to prunce to work in a variety of spaces. It likes a deep, moist, and fertile soil, but is remarkably adaptable.

Plant Specifics

Plant Type: Ornamental Tree
Bloom Time: May
Fall Color: Yellow
Water Needs: Adaptable
Light Needs: Part shade to Sun
Color: White
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