Bloomerang Lilac

Lilac, Bloomerang

Scientific Name: Syringa x 'Penda'
This is the re-blooming Lilac that has been talked about. Supposedly a stronger re-bloomer and stronger plant than Josee. It has fragrant lavender blooms in spring and it then re-blooms in mid-summer till frost. Its compact habit allows it to be used in any landscape. It grows in a rounded shape about 4' wide and 4' high. It is hardy to Zone 3 so it should do very well in this area. The blooms will attract hummingbirds

Plant Specifics

Cultural Needs: - Promptly remove spent blooms by shearing after bloom in the spring. This will build a tighter plant and encourage the summer re-bloom.
Plant Type: Deciduous Shrub
Bloom Time: May
Water Needs: Adaptable
Light Needs: Direct Sunlight
Color: Lavendar
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