Chris Peebles

Chris has been with us for quite a few years.  Currently he is our senior maintenance foreman.  He and his crew do an excellent job of taking care of your landscapes.  His experience allows him to do excellent pruning of all sorts of plants, the right way.  He knows the normal shape and size for landscape plants and works with that knowledge to do pruning that enhances the natural while correcting problems that may be present and keeping the size under control. 

He is trained in Micro-Injection and other plant healthcare techniques, so he often in on site to do disease and insect control applications.

He resides in Augusta.

Gooding's Team

Phil Gooding
Vice President
Paul Coffland
Production Coordinator
Kent Lewis
Lawn Care Specialist
Sarah Copeland
Sarah Copeland
Garden Store Specialist
Chris Peebles
Chris Peebles
Landscape Maintenance Foreman
Ron Grezlik
Delivery & Equipment Specialist
Roxie Graham
Retail Sales

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