From stepping stones to paved surfaces, each walkway serves different purposes.

For occasional use, stepping stone paths are more than sufficient and look quite nice. Generally, they don't impact the area as much visually and therefore are a good choice for simple access off a deck or for access to the garden hose.

Front entries require a more significant path. Decorative paver walkways are an excellent choice. They provide a safe and durable walk that becomes a strong visual part of your landscape. What may otherwise be a drab entry, can be made to feel rich and comfortable drawing guests to the doorway you want them to use. Color and pattern choices allow you to make this walk be just yours! They are a great value because they hold up so well when installed properly. Additionally the concrete used in pavers is significantly stronger than what can be poured. The ability to remove and replace a section so that you can deal with underground issues like water or electric lines should not be overlooked.
With pavers, you don't lose anything. You can put the same pavers right back in place. The color of the repaired area stays the same and matches because its the same surface you had before the repair.
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